Are you a Bastas Client?


You are an affluent individual who has a distinct palette for the finer things in life. You invest in yourself and your environment—apartment/home, vehicle, clothes, personal training, as well as health and beauty. You are smart, motivated, and have lots of friends. You have worked hard, and you value your free time. Therefore, travel for you is an opportunity to enjoy your companions, rejuvenate and relax, and escape your normal routine.

When it comes to travel, you stay at luxury hotels, you usually fly at least business class on long-haul flights, and you have traveled—or will travel—all over the world. You have no affiliation or relationship with any particular hotel or brand because you want the best wherever you go.

Your travels should not be ordinary — they should be extraordinary. You are not looking to travel with a group. Instead, you like exclusive opportunities that are catered specifically to your interests; you are looking to experience luxury travel at its finest.



Travel planning can be overwhelming, and you really don’t know where to start. You are looking to not only visit locations that you love, but also experience new destinations and cultures. You are not a road warrior. You travel usually for leisure, expecting luxury accommodations where ever you go. You pay a significant amount of money for your travel: your flights, rooms, tours, and dining. This takes a great deal of research, planning, time, and effort. How do you find the best ones? Where do you go? Who has the best advice: New York Times, Condé Nast Traveler, or Trip Advisor? It’s too much to think about. As for frequent flyer miles, you have no idea what to do with them; Amex, airlines, hotels, how do you even go about navigating through the different portals of points?

You want to see the world, but don’t necessarily enjoy the planning, research, and price-shopping that goes with seeing the world. That’s ok, because we do.



You need someone who understands who you are and how you like to live your life. You want someone who will sit down with you to discuss your ideal travel plans; you are not interested in an automated service or lengthy internet searches. Whether for business or pleasure, you need someone to help you create a personalized holiday for you and your companions. This includes arranging flights, accommodations, transfers, activities, and tours. You need an intimate relationship that will allow for the anticipation all of your needs—expressed and unexpressed.

You want someone to make sure that you travel like a VIP, who will arrange for private activities, air upgrades, and even assure your recognition and extra amenities at hotels worldwide. You want to have a local contact that you can reach out to if you have any questions or want to know where the locals go.

You are a luxury traveler who deserves all this and more; you need a luxury travel partner who will be with you every step of the way, from concept and planning to travel and the return home.


What Our Clients Say About Us

My wife and I are very busy and have limited time to spend with each other let alone time to plan a vacation. We like to try new places and only want to know that we’ll be staying in nice resorts for reasonable prices. Kostas asked us an array of insightful questions via email to gauge our interests. After that, he put a wonderful vacation together that was exactly what we needed and exactly what we were looking for.

Stephan Baccan

Our kids (6 & 10) love nature – theyʼre always watching the Discovery Channel. Life and Planet Earth are their favorite movies. Kostas suggested Costa Rica for our vacation this year. He set us up at the Four Seasons Papagayo with three privately guided excursions to the Montverde Cloud Forest, zip lining in the canopy and a hike in the volcanic Rincon de la Vieja. Each excursion was perfect for our adventure-suited kids. They got to see nature up close, just like in the movies, all under the watchful eye of our guides, one of whom was a college-educated ecologist.

The Four Seasons property on the Papagayo Peninsula is unbelievable. We had access to the ocean and the bay, along with beautiful pools. The views are breathtaking, and we were up-close and personal with wildlife like coati, iguanas and howler monkeys right outside of our villa. The staff is attentive and friendly. We would go back in a heartbeat!

Kostas hit a home run with this trip. He took the time to know our family, and the kind of experience that we would enjoy. All of his recommendations were top notch. We felt safe and well cared for. As a result, we got to relax and spend some fantastic family time at a location that we never would have thought to seek out on our own. Thank you, Kostas, for our best vacation ever!

Marty Coyne and Erika Bajars

American Airlines and I have flown almost 6 million miles together. Over the past years, my family and I have flown on Delta, Northwest, United, Lufthansa, Singapore Air, Air Canada, Iberia, Mexicana, Swiss Air, Jet Blue, El Al, South West, and Al Italia. (Sorry TWA, Eastern, and Continental – but you up and left me!) We’ve also taken motor trips cross-country to New England, Canada, and the South (on business and vacation). Alas, no cruises, but still we think of ourselves as moderately experienced travelers.

About two years ago, we started using Dino Bastas exclusively as our travel consultant – and he has given new meaning to positive, luxury travel. In this age of constant travel woes, where much of the fun of “getting there” has dissipated and “being there” has become too expensive and less comfortable, his attention to detail and his knowledge of what is important to his clients has made all the difference.

The detail of his planning is extraordinary. One small example: on a recent European trip (consisting of 4 different legs), Dino located each of the appropriate airline clubs in each airport, in advance of departure. Those who have attempted to navigate the different terminals in Heathrow Airport between layovers will particularly appreciate the convenience of knowing exactly where to go.

On two celebratory trips, one wedding anniversary and a birthday, Dino had hotel management deliver delicious cakes and good champagne on each occasion. In fact, on the anniversary trip, he had them scatter red rose petals on the bed. How cool is that?

From wonderful room upgrades and free gourmet dinners to other good and unusual amenities, Bastas Travel Consultants is tops. They have brought luxury travel to a new level.

Merrill Grant

Everything was perfect on our family vacation to Rome and London, truly. Our tour guide was wonderful; she was beyond fabulous. Can’t say enough about her. Just lovely and made things fun and interesting for the kids. The pizza making and gelato making were unbelievable. Absolute highlights for all of us. Thanks for the tip on gladiator camp. My son loved it so much, he begged to go again!

In London, all went smoothly. Shauna was a huge help when I forgot the London Eye voucher. Selfridge’s was fun and relaxed. Everything was great. The Olympics were amazing. Such a great life experience. We are already thinking about Rio!

I will absolutely be in touch again for future trips. You and Shauna both were so incredibly kind and helpful. We have had a wonderful experience with your service.

Natalie Silverstein